Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Start the Fire

As we rant against the system that means to turn our lives into a VISA statement, we have to all face the fact that we are the system. Change, real change, will not come through the political system, but will only come about as the outcome of some crisis: real or created. With the control of the media and all sources of communication in the hands of those that benefit from the current system, the odds of any change coming that would create a more free, equitable society is limited. Yes, we will have better toothpastes, and more porno options to placate our base desires, but the there will be little change that satisfies the human heart, that brings us closer together. Socializing with friends and family keeps us out of the malls, restaurants, bars, and box stores. The human family keeps us away from the consumer family: Uncle Facebook, and Aunt McDonald's. Revolution can come, but it will require us to step out of our houses into the streets and demand change. The odds of that happening are zero. Those that benefit from the system will not allow change. The Tea Party, as an example, is a corporate effort to keep us isolated, to keep us afraid, to make us not see good, effective government or our higher existence as a possibility. The only possibility is consumerism and slavery to the system that benefits the few at the expense of the many. The few are millions and millions and the many are billions of people around the world some here, but most over there in place we don't care about. Starvation in Africa so we can have mobile phones is fine so long as we aren't bothered with their plight. Slave labor in China is fine so long as I can get cheap shoes and a flat screen TV. Change will only come about if the city is burning. The city will not burn so long as we care more about empty, consumer experiences and care nothing about the reality of billions of other people. Start the fire!!

Destroy the Machine -- Destroy the Store

We have to destroy the system that enslaves us to be consumers rather than citizens: members of a community. And on the opposite side, and with the same, but worse result, we have enslaved the producers that sit "chained" to their workbenches producing the consumer goods (shit) we have come to believe we need to consume. Our economic system does not want us (consumers and producers) to be a community loyal to fellow human beings, but rather a collection of human beings loyal to a particular brand or spectacle such as the super bowl, world cup, or academy awards. We consumers are tied to goods by our psychological need to belong, to compete, based upon the goods we purchase. This is the easy side of the equation, because the producers are there because if they are not they will be beaten, imprisoned, shot if they do not conform. We consumers are not shot if we don't buy but we are removed from society. We are no longer people living together in a community, but rather economic entities with varying abilities to consume what we no longer produce. This system is unsustainable. How can we have consumption without production? How do we face the fact that millions, billions of our fellows must be enslaved, imprisoned, starved if they do not conform to our world of consumption.

Have a nice day