Saturday, April 22, 2006

End Times

Something is desperately wrong in America. The recent visit by the Chinese leader, Hu, is a perfect example of our failure to execute something that was months and months in the planning. If the President and his staff can't flawlessly execute a totally controllable visit by a head of state how can we possibly expect them to execute something with as many uncontrollable moving parts as a war or a hurricane recovery? While creativity and imagination are important attributes, they are attributes commonly attributed to children; however, children do not have to execute their plans. I look at the current administrative as being childlike, unable to execute the most simple of plans. Yes, they can run a smear campaign and tear an opponent to shreds but can they build something, can the move a project forward and adjust plans to face reality. The administration is great at throwing money around, our money, but is it able to gain a value for that money? At this sage, after three years in a Iraq they appear incapable of executing. can we take three more years of Bush? I suspect that or country will be in ruins in three years, that our coffers will be empty and we will be more close to third world status than first.