Thursday, May 31, 2018

From a Bus

How do we interpret what we see looking out the window of a bus? As you travel down a city street looking out the window the world slides by and our minds try to piece it together. Make a story of it all. There is the homeless person camped on the sidewalk as a woman in a fashionable outfit walks by with no regard for the human there on the sidewalk? With no background in our culture how would you see this everyday occurrence? What story could you tell to explain how these two things can go together. Next to the homeless man there is a luxury department store and people stream in an out some with bags from other stores equally luxurious. 

There across the street is a neon sign with the word, "Bar." People stand outside smoking in view of the homeless man. The people smoking look exactly like the homeless man but they are standing, smoking, and talking. Will the homeless man join them? So much activity as the people rush from place to place with little acknowledgement of each other. City life, filled with people, looks lonely from a bus window. Everyone seems separated by some barrier of class, income, work, dress, beauty, sex, etc. There are too many ways to see each other as below or above you. The rich man is not on the street. The poor man is always on the street. The interact at the entrances to various shops but they never exchange word because they are from different worlds separated by luck and money.