Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Retard is out of the Bag

Bush and the cumulative effects of his incompetence are finally being revealed. My one fear is that out of some twisted form of patriotism and a willingness to overlook the stupidity of our “own” that it will never be revealed what an utterly incompetent man Bush really is. Of course one only has to look at his history to discover the man has gotten everything he ever had because of one choice: he picked a powerful father. Without his old man Bush would never even be given the responsibility of crew-chief at the local Pizza Hut. People keep stepping forward to state he is a smart man but that intelligence is never revealed by anything he has ever done. And sadly, the voters put him in office, sort of… If the democrats don’t make every attempt to reveal the President as the fool he is, my already shaken confidence in our democracy will all but disappear.