Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tsunami and death

The events in Asia have effected me. I have a deepening sense of sadness. I am typically a cynical person that doesn't expect the world to be a benevolent place; there is simply too much suffering to even consider it, but this disaster, and the loss of innocent lives, has left me feeling crushed. The fact that the victims were so resource poor to begin with makes it all the more sad. The world should reach out to these victims and make every attempt to restore the lives of those still living and lessen the grief of those that have already lost so much.

I think what makes this most difficult is that it feels so utterly senseless. How can it be explained? Who can be blamed? The earth attacked us and there is no logic. An earthquake, a wave and death and destruction. No country to attack, no leader to blame, not racist attitude or political condition to point towards. A cold, unfeeling wave rushed in and took thousands of lives.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

What a planet...

So here we are on this planet made for us by God our father. Regardless of your religion there is the feeling that the earth was made for man but how is that possible? Wouldn't the earth be an easier place to live on if it was made for us. Wouldn't life be easier, food more plentiful, life more sweet and suffering less the norm. If I think about it it's more the case that the earth is a prison for the vast majority. Where is the pleasure for most of us? Most of the world lives in poverty. We, the first world, are living off of the toil of those in the third. How is it possible that an idiot like me could have a high paying job, a house a wife and child when so many have so little? It's just the luck of the draw. Born in Africa you are screwed. Born in Seattle, Washington, USA to a middle-class family and everything is going to be okay.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Work in the New World

In First World countries we live in world of multiple classes: those that have some control over their work and those that must use regimented processes. It has yet to be determined which group is the more fortunate one. I have done both types of work and the big difference is that with one there is an end to the day and with the other the day never ends. Work is always floating there in the back of my mind so that I am never really away from work unless I have been able to gain access to a large amount of alchohol.

Christian Nation?

How is it possible for the people of the US to perceive themselves as a Christian nation? Aren't some of the basic tenets of a Christian life forgiveness, charity and self-control? It seems to me that this country is completely out of control from weight to debt to sexual obsession.

If anything we are a consumer nation that jumps from one purchase to the next without any time for reflection or the development of a spiritual connection. From my experience most Americans are shallow and don't know the meaning of friendship or love. Americans value things and perception more than they value spirit and truth. They would rather look right than be right. Can anything in the description of an American be more revealing than the level of obesity and the ever increasing amount of personal debt? Isn’t a fat Christian kind of an oxymoron? Isn’t gluttony a sin we wear for everyone to see.

And how is it Christians are suddenly so obsessed with gays? What is up with that? It makes me wonder about those that protest so strongly; like what are they trying to hide? This is no Christian nation. We always proclaim the opposite of what is in our hearts. When we were the land of the free and the home of the brave we had millions of slaves.

Time for America to grow-up and put away the fries and start thinking beyond the next visit to the mall. I wish there could be a true Christian awakening in America but it will never happen because most people are too weak and too afraid of the truth.