Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If You Have to Ask, It's Torture!

So this is how ignorant we have become as a society. We have to ask if something is torture. If you have to ask, it’s torture. Come on! These are intelligent people, and they are writing 50 page memos explaining the meaning of the word “severe” as in “severe pain or discomfort.” Having a prisoner stand naked in a dark, cold cell without food for days is not torture. There is no severe pain, only severe discomfort. Now if we did this to your grandmother or wife or child what would you call it? If I did not let you sleep and blared AC/DC at you 24 hours a day under bright lights for days on end, would that be torture? What if I would not let you sit down? Come on!! It’s so obvious these techniques are torture. What if I grabbed you off the street and threw a bag over your head and then flew you to Egypt where they would beat the hell out of you for six months in total darkness, with loud music and no food? I am so ashamed of this country. So ashamed because I am not on the street holding a sign that says “Torture is Wrong!” Did the Bush administration really need a memo to tell them it was okay to torture? Bush needs to be impeached and imprisoned.