Monday, January 09, 2017

The Time of Trumpoil

We are about to enter a new time in America: The Time of Trumpoil. Yes, things are about to get incredibly confusing in the United States of America. We will have a president that doesn't seem to have an internal guide for his actions, that doesn't seem to understand the role he is about to step into as President of the United States--POTUS. We don't know what is going to happen come January 21st other than we have elected a man that doesn't seem to have any restraint, that is incapable of taking the time to form an opinion but rather he immediately has one without working through a few of the details. Maybe this is a trait that works for a real estate developer, but it seems dangerous for the leader of one of the largest organizations in the world. Even the manager of a 7-Eleven needs to think about making a change in the configuration of the potato chip display before he starts moving things around. The danger with a President Trump is that he will start rearranging the store before he thinks about the entire store. Or put another way, he will start driving before he knows where he is going. I wonder if Trump would starting building a hotel before he knew how many floors it was going to have? In other words, plans need to be formulated with the end I mind. It's project management 101--what is the desired result?

We are about to start a strange time. (Trumpoil is play on Turmoil: a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty). Who will we see on January 21st? Will we have a president capable of guiding this vast ship of state or will we start out headed for that iceberg floating over the horizon? It was only 16 years ago that another president was sworn in that also won an election with fewer votes that his opponent and it did not end well and, in fact, has not been entirely played out. The trouble started has not yet bee resolved. This brings up an interesting point: the American voters may indeed be wise as it seems in both elections, Trump and Bush, the candidate with fewer votes was put into office. The wisdom of the voters was denied by a system created to keep power out of the hands of the people, but that system was also supposed to lead to the election of the wiser, more steady candidate. In both cases that was not the case. In both cases the candidate that appealed to the passions of the people was elected which goes against the intentions of the founding fathers.

So here we go again... We are about to embark on another challenging period that will in all likelihood lead to more disasters, more troubles for America and the world. We are entering dangerous times with a leader that, to date, seems incapable of thinking things through to the end. Hold on tight because it's going to be a rough ride.


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